Happy Halloween from Kitakyushu!

Happy Halloween from Kitakyushu! 🎃
This is my first ever blog post, go easy on me. 😂 This video is from 2018, but there would be no better time to repost this than today, so here we go.

Halloween was on a Wednesday in 2018, so the best time to go out for Halloween was the Sunday night prior. In Kitakyushu, the best place to go for Halloween is no other than Uomachi Gintengai in Kokura. I started by coming down from Kokura Station to the entrance to Kyomachi Gintengai and walked through to Uomachi. The costumes people were wearing and what I witnessed there can only be described by the following video…

Halloween in Kokura, Kitakyushu! 2018

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