I went to Mojiko Retro to try out Kawara Soba and Unameshi at Ganso Kawara Soba Takase! Kawara Soba originated in Shimonoseki but it is hard to get over to the original restaurant without a car, so I visited their shop in Mojiko Retro.

Ganso Kawara Soba Takase https://www.kawarasoba.jp


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What is Kawara Soba?
This dish originated in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Apparently during the war, soldiers used to cook on top of heated roof tiles... and the owner of Ganso Kawara Soba Takase took that idea and came up with this. The soba noodles used in this dish have matcha steeped into them, which gives them their distinctive green color. It is topped with pork, shredded egg, seaweed, lemons and the red stuff is momiji oroshi (grated daikon radish with chili pepper). It is delicious!!


元祖瓦そばたかせ https://www.kawarasoba.jp