Buta no Mura has the best tonkatsu ramen in the world. Located in Kamiyoshida in Kitakyushu, this place impressed me before I ever walked through the door. I was at the Kitakyushu Ramen Championship this year and took a chance on his shop because he was located in Kokuraminami Ward. His soup blew me away. If he was able to bring THAT flavor to a festival, imagine what he cooks up in his actual restaurant.

His tonkotsu soup is so thick and creamy and loaded with collagen. It doesn't have a weird funky smell or aftertaste, it is PERFECT. The festival version was VERY GOOD but it pales in comparison to the real thing. I really don't want to look for a better ramen. I don't think it exists. If I were to ever eat ramen somewhere else, it's only because I couldn't get to Buta no Mura.

The karaage and fried rice are also top notch. After 5pm the other half of Buta no Mura operates as a karaage take-out window. I can see why, their karaage stands on its own! It is very good. Nakatsu style karaage. The karaage is so crunchy and juicy.

Are you wondering what to eat in Kitakyushu? Then I want you to come visit this shop. Come to Buta no Mura and tell Murakami-san that I sent you. Tell him Chris Sakura from Youtube sent you.

Because the very best tonkotsu ramen will not be found in a national chain store. It is going to be found right here in Kitakyushu's Kokuraminami Ward. This is the best ramen in Kitakyushu. Made with love at Buta no Mura.

My Kitakyushu Ramen Championship video with Buta no Mura

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チェーン店には美味しいラーメンはない。北九州市小倉南区にあります。北九州名物。愛を込めてラーメンを作られてます 豚のむら。

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