Adachi is the best kept secret in Akihabara. Today we stop by Adachi in Akihabara. One of my most favorite places in Tokyo to get a quick bite to eat. Looking for food in Akihabara? Monstrous portions await you.

Adachi on Tabelog

This video is actually from March 2017. I was telling a friend on IG about this place and how he should check it out sometime. I posted some stories of the food from this place and EVERYONE voted that this should be the next video. So here we are.

Adachi has no English menus, no English speaking or understanding staff. It is run only by the old man and from time to time, his wife in the back. This place is purely Japanese. Not for the regular tourist, however, these types of places that do not cater to tourists are quite often THE BEST places to find delicious food. If you can speak and read enough Japanese to navigate your way in, I highly suggest it.


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こういうお店を世界に紹介しても意味ないやろ?って思う人がいるかも知れない。あだちって英語のメニューがないし、英語も話せないし。100%日本語力がいるやんって思われるでしょうね。いや、こういう外国人に応じないお店こそ、すっごく美味しいご飯が秘めてるの英語圏の人に見せてあげたいなーと思う。こういう穴場に、日本語喋れないからってあえて入らないっていう人が結構いると思う。日本語力を推敲するインスピレーションになると嬉しく思いますw 推敲って合ってるかなw