The Famichiki Sandwich has been created and it is SUPREME DELICIOUSNESS. A follower on IG suggested that I try this specific combination of Tamago Sandwich and a Famichiki. So here we are. I can't believe I never thought of doing this before. Famichiki is already delicious ALL BY ITSELF. For years I have eaten famichiki on top of rice but THIS COMBINATION IS SO GOOD. In fact, maybe the BEST combination involving a famichiki. I can even turn it into a famichiki challenge maybe. Like, "How many Famichiki Sandwiches can I eat?"

I dropped a friend off at Yukuhashi Station and I was heading back to Kokura when I noticed they have a Family Mart at the station. So I fired up a livestream and here is the shortened version.

Famichiki at Family Mart

Tamago Sandwich at Family Mart

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Have you ever had a famichiki? Do you even know what famichiki is? Famichiki was invented by a mad scientist at the top secret Family Mart kitchen laboratory somewhere deep in the mountains of Japan. Famichiki takes the Fami from Family Mart and the chiki from chikin (chicken) and combines them into the most delicious piece of fried chicken the world has ever seen. The name of the mad scientist who concocted famichiki is not known outside of the Family Mart circle, but I am glad he came up with this supreme deliciousness. What spices do they use in a famichiki that give it that unique flavor? Assuredly it is not simply the chicken fat that famichiki is well known for. Famichiki is sopping wet with grease and praise the Lord for how juicy it is. But there is some black magic hidden in that breading. Do they lace famichiki with crack? I seriously get a high when I snack on a famichiki. That famichiki gives me the energy to do things I normally would be inhibited from doing. If the cops were to pull me over I will just tell them "Famichiki made me do it." If the famichiki ain't got no juice, I don't want nothing to do with it. And don't get me started about the inferior competitors who blatantly ripped off the idea. They aren't even worthy of a mention. You can't challenge the famichiki. Famichiki reigns supreme in the fried chicken world. You ever been to Fried Chicken World? It should be a theme park with famichiki rides and slides. Famichiki log ride that splashes into a giant vat of grease? Yeah, I would ride that. Convenience stores in Japan should just all be converted to Family Mart. Are you trying to tell me that these other places have better customer experiences and aesthetics and better products? All lies. Family Mart has famichiki. How can you compete with that? You can't even make famichiki in your own home kitchen laboratory, even with all of the ingredients in your pantry. That is the power of Famichiki. Famichiki cannot be copied, duplicated, synthesized, metamorphosized, transmogrified, transmutated, cast, molded or otherwise reproduced in any way, shape or form. A black magical aura surrounds the famichiki. The only way to get around the magical force is to bite the famichiki. But there is another spell cast underneath the protection spell. This other spell must enhance the flavor of the famichiki. It's either that or crack, because the phenomenon is unexplainable. So you have all this going for the famichiki, right? And then you wanna take that famichiki and throw it between an egg sandwich? An egg sandwich that you got from Family Mart? Two magical food artifacts from the same magical place? When combined, the resulting item is greater than the sum of its parts? You have just produced the Famichiki Sandwich. Forget the Infinity Stones. The Famichiki Sandwich has much greater power than that. This is the power that we all seek. The greatest downside to this supreme deliciousness is that it cannot cure depression. It in fact causes it, because as soon as you relinquish the power by swallowing the last bite of that famichiki sandwich, you realize it was all only momentary. And reality is coming for you at full speed.


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