Sugao Waterfall, or Sugao no Taki is a popular 30m tall waterfall located in Kokuraminami Ward in Kitakyushu. People come to the Sugao no Taki waterfall during the summer to escape the sweltering heat. Sugao no Taki is also a well known "power spot" where spiritual energy is known to concentrate. I was once told that Sugao no Taki was a place where people go to commit suicide but we didn't see any evidence of that. That sucks, because I wanted to see a dead body and get my own Logan Paul moment.

The original meaning of Sugao means "bare faced" as in without makeup. The water coming down from the waterfall was supposedly so fierce that it would strip away a girl's makeup. I bet the water rushes down really hard during the Spring and early Summer after the snows melt. We hiked up to Sugao no Taki in late October 2018 and there wasn't much force behind the falls.

I just wish I had brought better shoes so I could get up to the upper level of the waterfall. I bet you can feel the makeup cleansing effect much better from up close.

More photos of Sugao no Taki (page is in Japanese)

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菅生の滝の地名の由来は 滝のしぶきの勢いに女性の化粧も落ちて素顔になっちゃうとかいう伝説がある。夏の暑さからエスケープする涼しめる場所でもある。元カノから「自殺の名所」とか聞いてたけど、そう見えなかったな。


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