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Check out this Cheese Manju! | Kitakyushu Japanese Street Food

I saw these Cheese Manju on Instagram and I had to try them out, since I was still in Tanga Ichiba. Aozorado in Tanga Ichiba has got you on these Cheese Manju. It looks like the Cheese Manju was originated in Miyazaki but Aozorado has brought them to Kitakyushu.

Are you looking for the best things to eat in Kitakyushu? Kitakyushu has the best food in all of Japan. With a ton of Kitakyushu original dishes as well as stuff from elsewhere in Japan, why go anywhere else? It's all right here!

But you do need to have a sense of adventure to try things out you've never done before. Stay away from the chain restaurants as much as you can, because these local shops have got massive flavor.

Thanks to @bunbunmaruko on IG for showing me this place!

Aozorado IG:

I want to eat everything they have. Including the pudding they have. Supposedly made from straight up heavy cream. I will be back.


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インスタでこのチーズ饅頭を見たら絶対食べるっち決めたw せっかく旦過市場まで来てたけ行ってみたw チーズ饅頭が宮崎銘菓っち知らんやったけど、藍昊堂さん!北九州に登場させてくれてありがとうございます!!めっちゃおいしい!

でもいつか、シロヤのアノンと藍昊堂のチーズ饅頭で、どっちが美味しいかバトルさせないけんねw あー楽しみw 同時に食えると思ったらww




Mutsugoro-yaki - Shikishima - Kokura Kitakyushu Street Food

Mutsugoro-yaki. Named after and shaped like the Mutsugoro "mudskipper" fish, this delicious treat is waiting for you in Kitakyushu. Mutsugoro-yaki is served at Shikishima, which is right to the left of the main entrance to Tanga Ichiba.

It is the same concept as Taiyaki but this is a Fukuoka treat. I wanna do a Mutsugoro-yaki challenge sometime. I can probably put down 10 in one go. 😂

Someone from Kitakyushu asked me if I ever had Mutsugoro-yaki and I was like WHAT? So she suggested I go try it out the next time I'm in Kitakyushu. I am so glad I followed up on that recommendation. If you live in Kitakyushu or nearby, please give me recommendations to try! I will go check it out!! 😆

Shikishima on Tabelog


This is the last video of 2018. I hope you all have a Happy New Year. Bring it, 2019.


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北九州在住の視聴者に「むつごろう焼きって知ってる?」っち聞かれて、「え?なにそれ?!」っちなっとって 旦過市場にあるむつごろう焼きがオススメられました。行ってきてよかった!!めっちゃおいしかった!



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