Have you ever wondered what’s inside a Japanese supermarket?

What’s it like inside of a Japanese supermarket? In Japan, there is a Japanese supermarket chain called Trial. This isn’t a regular supermarket. Trial is HUGE! And contains a million things. You might compare it to a Walmart in the United States. Just like at one of those stores, you will have a grocery store on one end and a department store on the other end. If you are looking for cheap but quality food and merchandise, this is the store you want to hit up. If you want to go even cheaper, you could go to Daiso for cheap goods, but nothing beats the convenience of these all-in-one stores. The best part is, you don’t feel trashy after shopping here.

Contrast that to how you feel everytime you have to visit Walmart.


Disgusting right?

Join me on Youtube as we deep dive this Supercenter Trial in Kitakyushu.

Supercenter Trial in Kitakyushu - Japanese grocery store full tour

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