Let’s go to Mojiko Retro in Kitakyushu

Have you ever heard of Mojiko Retro?

So on youtube lately, I’ve been uploading videos I shot in Kitakyushu in 2019. Meanwhile, all the Kitakyushu footage I have from 2017 is still sitting on my hard drives waiting to be edited. 😂 It’s time to revisit that era.

Recently, on Instagram, @bunbunmaruko posted a beautiful photo of the Kanmon Bridge under moonlight.


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I commented something like “This is amazing. I want to drink here while staring at the moon.”
@bunbunmaruko responded by saying “Drinking is fine but please do a livestream from the Kanmon Strait too.”

Wow! 😳 I really wish I could be in Mojiko to do a livestream right now! But I’m stuck in America right now!! 😳😳

So instead of a livestream, I will start a little mini-series based on the events of March 14th, 2017. The day I went to Mojiko Retro for lunch and walked ACROSS the Kanmon Strait from Mojiko all the way to Shimonoseki. Yes, I did say I WALKED ACROSS THE KANMON STRAIT. How? You’ll have to watch the series to find out! 😂

This mini-series starts off at Kokura Station where I witnessed a woman having lunch with the Maetel from Galaxy Express 999 statue… Then rode the train to Mojiko Station and walked around in search of yaki curry (an originally invented in Mojiko delicacy). I saw a monkey show. And finally found a place serving yaki curry that was actually open.

Some links to the restaurants seen in the video
Dolce https://mojikodolce.shopinfo.jp/

Funky Tiger Ajito

Let's go to Mojiko Retro in Kitakyushu

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I love Kitakyushu.
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